Paris 18.-21.6.2009
Photo #01
CDG. Waiting for Tarmo to arrive from London. Not him. Me.
Photo #02
Tarmo waiting for Rer B.
Photo #03
Some stooopid tourists taking pics of Notre Dame. I mean, what's the point in capturing every friggin' tourist attraction on film? There is none! I would never ever do it!
Photo #04
Tarmo's 3rd beer in Paris. I'm very sorry for missing the 1st and the 2nd. I was kind of busy myself too.
Photo #05
34 rue Bergère 75009 Paris, wait for me as I will return. Some day.
Photo #06
Tarmo waking up at 11:21:31.
Photo #07
Please do not jump mister, but if you do, give me enough time to switch to video mode, okay?
Photo #08
Arc de Triomphe.
Photo #09
Arc de Triomphe.
Photo #10
Arc de Triomphe.
Photo #11
Arc de Triomphe.
Photo #12
Whenever I see a reflecting surface, I just have to take a self-portrait.
Photo #13
See what I mean?
Photo #14
Monsieur is very satisfied with his bœuf and sends his regards to Le Chef.
Photo #15
Look, it's the Eiffel! And it's just like in the postcards!
Photo #16
Spot the cliché.
Photo #17
Photo #18
I got all excited over Eiffel and covered all angles.
Photo #19
Even this one with the granny.
Photo #20
I'd totally do her.
Photo #21
As a skating place, this must be cooler than average.
Photo #22
Not much water in the pool, but just enough to take 'artistic' photos of reflections. I should have made this a black and white just to make it even more 'artistic'. I'd get so much respect!
Photo #23
Hommes Frites. Some french guys.
Photo #24
Arc de Triomphe from yet another angle.
Photo #25
Decadence is so beautiful when it's not ruined by some goths or other funny looking hippies.
Photo #26
When it comes to ordering crepes, Laurent and Tarmo take it very, very seriously.
Photo #27
Paris by car.
Photo #28
Alexandra y Laurent in yellow moods. Maybe it's more orange. Definitely not red.
Photo #29
I had 10 minutes to find a shop that sells men's shoes and to buy ones in which to get past the Le Showcase's door men. A difficult task for someone with a sneakers fetish.
Photo #30
What, what, whaaaaat? (photo taken by Alexandra)
Photo #31
Everyone knows that this is the coolest of all places in Paris.
Photo #32
Tarmo, Delphine, Alexandra, Laurent, Riku and Riku.
Photo #33
Totally wasted.
Photo #34
Photo #35
Photo #36
How come parisiennes are always so profound looking?
Photo #37
Paris Is Burning... No, Paris Is Smoking! You see in Paris, even finns turn tres chic after just a couple of days.
Photo #38
Photo #39
Le Chat. (It's a painting of Le chat, actually)
Photo #40
Photo #41
Le Band.
Photo #42
Photo #43
Le Ball.
Photo #44
Le People.
Photo #45
Le Bird.
Photo #46
Le city.
Photo #47
Does this carousel go 120 km/h or did I use a NDx8? (actually you wouldn't use km/h as the unit of speed on this one, but rpm seemed too abstract. Sorry.)

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